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Recruise Welcomes Rajesh P as chief of Staff - Technology

Recruise, a distinguished recruitment consulting specializing in technology recruitment solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Rajesh P. as its esteemed Chief of Staff - Technology. With over a decade of illustrious experience in Human Resources, Rajesh brings forth a wealth of expertise and an unwavering commitment to propelling organizational growth through strategic HR endeavors.

Prior to joining Recruise, Rajesh served as the Director of Human Resources at HealthPlix Technologies, where he orchestrated transformative HR strategies aimed at empowering employees and steering organizational triumph. Throughout his tenure at HealthPlix, Rajesh led the HR function with remarkable proficiency, focusing on pivotal areas such as talent acquisition, talent management, and HR operations.

Rajesh's tenure at HealthPlix was marked by notable achievements, including: Strategic Hiring Initiatives: Rajesh orchestrated seamless hiring endeavors across all organizational functions, leveraging SWOT analysis to implement robust hiring plans and procedures. His initiatives ensured the recruitment of top-tier talent in alignment with the company's growth imperatives.

Employee Engagement and Culture Cultivation: Rajesh prioritized employee engagement activities and personalized interactions to foster a culture of collaboration and performance excellence. His endeavors resulted in a tangible enhancement of work culture and a reduction in attrition rates.

Compliance and Process Enhancement: Rajesh drove pivotal HR and payroll compliance initiatives, ensuring strict adherence to internal policies and external regulations. Additionally, he spearheaded process optimizations spanning from onboarding to exit management, alongside implementing cost optimization strategies.

Prior to his tenure at HealthPlix, Rajesh held pivotal HR leadership roles at renowned organizations such as Freecharge, Snapdeal, and Oracle. Across these roles, he demonstrated commendable proficiency in talent acquisition, HR business partnering, and the cultivation of organizational culture.

Rajesh's expertise traverses various HR domains, including:

  • HR Business Partnering
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • HR Operations

Furthermore, his certifications as a Sourcing Ninja and Certified Interviewing Specialist serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence in HR practices.

Proficient in English, Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil, Rajesh's multicultural acumen enriches his ability to connect with diverse talent pools and stakeholders, thereby steering Recruise towards its objectives of innovation and triumph.

As Recruise embarks on its technological journey under Rajesh's adept leadership, the company stands poised to redefine excellence in HR strategy, talent acquisition, and organizational culture.