Leading Integrated Recruitment Solutions and Recruitment intelligence company in Bangalore, India.

Recruise India Consulting, established in 2006, focuses on Recruitment and Market Intelligence with a technological advantage.

Our team of accomplished recruitment specialists crafts integrated bespoke recruitment solutions that are revolutionary and dynamic, enabling a waveless efficiency in connecting the right people to companies making headway for what's next. Our integrated approach to human intelligence and technology has helped us become one of the top leading recruitment companies in Bangalore, India.

Our approach has always focused on enabling accelerated, sustainable, and inclusive growth for both clients and talent. We provide employers with the right talent who can be conducive to business goals and company culture.


Our Expertise

Leading through purpose!

Our capabilities and experience extend to a wide variety of industries and business challenges. Our team of experienced recruitment specialists effortlessly contributes to an optimized approach to hiring and recruitment, enabling clients to become high-performance businesses.

Our Services

Find Peace! Find The Right Talent That Fits Your Business

We have experience working across multiple industries and functional business areas, enabling us to bring in fresh ideas and an innovative strategic perspective at each level of the recruitment process.

Compensation Benchmarking

We assist you in designing effective compensation structures contemplated from our experience and effectual market insights...

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Retention Strategy

We work with you in establishing a conducive work environment for your organization by creating a systematic approach to manage and retain talent...

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Talent Pool Analysis

We help you optimize your talent acquisition strategies with constructive data that captures information about individuals experience, track record, skills...

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Attrition Forecasting

We streamline your workforce by leveraging data & analytics through which we identify the factors that drive turnover & help...

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Accelerating Business Performance Beyond the Ordinary

Integrated Research & Recruitment

Research and Market Intelligence

Transform with Data!
Data-Driven Thinking in Recruitment

Recruise research and market intelligence teams empower your organization to think, adapt, tackle challenges and accelerate change with data-driven strategic techniques and tools.

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Be Market Ready!

Key Highlights

  • Stay ahead of employee mobility.
  • Pay Rightly, Deep dive into salaries
  • Stay ahead of your competitors.

Just Don’t Worry.

We find the right talent for you every single time.

Recruitment Services

Hire Talent Effortlessly & Effectively

Our experienced recruitment teams have successfully delivered complex hiring challenges across industries and have identified talent for roles across various levels.

Recruise Wagon

Talent Acquisition Certification Program

The Recruise Wagon is the Talent Acquisition Certification program that we created based on our years of expertise in recruitment and talent acquisition. The online training program is conducted by our experienced team members, and it includes a complete tutorial for the Talent Acquisition role. The program is available to all individuals who want to make career shift to HR or who are looking for an opportunity after a career break. A digital certificate is issued for those who complete the program.

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The Rise Of The Augmented Leader: How AI Is Reshaping The Landscape Of Leadership

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Unveiling The Competitive Edge: Unlocking The Benefits Of Skill-Based Hiring In The Indian Market

As India's talent landscape undergoes a metamorphosis, Recruise, your vanguard recruitment consulting partner, advocates for a strategic shift: skill-based hiring.

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